Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Photo location of the week: Salt Point State Park, Sonoma County, California

Salt Point State Park, Sonoma County, California(2 hours north of San Francisco on Highway 1)

When you park in the main lot, you have no idea that you have entered another world until you walk to the shoreline. There you will see the most incredible coastal rock formations that I have ever seen in person or in photos. You can also access it via Stump Beach 2 miles north and walk across the beach and out to the point. Photography here is difficult because of the extreme weather and winter surf, but it is so worth it! High tide with large waves are best for capturing the surf close to the sandstone formations. But that is when the wind is most difficult. Don't get too close or you will be swept to sea, never to return!



  1. Salt Point is a beautiful location. Then again there are so many beautiful locations in that area. We're quite lucky to have so many beautiful coastal areas here in California.

    Congrats on the new blog. I look forward to seeing your future writing.

  2. looking forward to see more of your 'photo locations of the week' post. I am planning a road trip for the near future --> oregon, california, nevada, arizona, utah, colorado, wyoming, south dakota, montana, idaho & washington. me, my d700 & nature... i really hope to get some nice pictures.


  3. Thanks for this profile! I've been going to Sea Ranch and Gualala for years, have driven past there, made mental notes to explore it, and now after seeing your gorgeous photos, I'm beating myself for not stopping years ago! Love your blog, and admire your portfolio immensely. I'll follow with interest . . .